Our organization

The Oklahoma Student Government Association exists to be the voice of Oklahoma students. We work together for the advancement of Higher Education for the benefit for all Oklahoma students. We meet throughout the year and would love to hear from any student who has ideas or would like to work with us to help advance higher education in Oklahoma.


Since the late 1960s, student body presidents of degree-granting institutions within Oklahoma have met to discuss issues related to higher education and common to all students. In the early 1970s, these leaders formed the Council of Student Government Presidents as a vehicle to voice student concerns on higher education issues. Then, in 1981 the Council expanded to involve additional student government leaders from every institution in the state. This expansion began the Oklahoma Student Government Association.

The Oklahoma Student Government Association, commonly referred to as OSGA, is Oklahoma's state student association (SSA). Designed by students, staffed by students, and funded by students, OSGA is a non-partisan, student advocacy association.


Every institution of higher education in Oklahoma has voting privileges in OSGA. Those institutions that pay dues will be recognized on the website as institutions in 'good standing.' Any university that attends congress is allowed three delegate votes, as outlined in Article I of the OSGA Constitution, and shall not be denied membership or those rights guaranteed to them for any reason. However, those universities that are in 'good standing' will certainly find it has its advantages. We will ensure that all information relating to the OSGA and our events will be disseminated to your institution and information exchange between your home SGA and the OSGA will undoubtedly be more simple. We greatly appreciate your support of the OSGA and are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about membership with the OSGA.

The best way to participate in the Oklahoma Student Government Association is to contact your Regional Director, whose contact information be found on the Board of Directors page.

The OSGA Board of Directors contains a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications Director, North Regional Director and South Regional Director. Students are elected to these positions each spring during a Congressional Conference and serve one-year terms (May to May).

Our officers

The purpose of the Student Advisory Board is to communicate to the State Regents the views and interests of all Oklahoma college and university students on those issues that relate to the constitutional and statutory responsibilities of the State Regents. In representing students, the Student Advisory Board combines the opinions of students with good sound research to develop the best proposals and recommendations for The Oklahoma State System of Higher Education.

The creation of this board is consistent with provisions of House Bill 1801 of the 1988 Oklahoma Legislature. Seven members are elected annually by delegates to the Oklahoma Student Government Association. Members represent three tiers of Oklahoma public higher education (comprehensive universities, regional universities and community colleges) as well as private colleges and universities. All members serve a one-year term (May through April).

Attached is the application for the opening spot on the Student Advisory Board. Please visit the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Website.

Please consider your personal time commitment before submitting an application.

SAB Application (PDF Download)

Student Advisory Board